Designed for your unique style

Custom Clothing

Custom clothing so you get the exact design, fit, function, and material that you want

Personalize your wardrobe with clothing made just for you:

  • Custom women's, men's, and children's clothing
  • Design to match bags, headbands, scarves, and other accessories
  • Casual, festival, costumes, and athletic attire
  • Have a favorite garment remade and modified as you want
  • Upcycle/recycle from other items like, t-shirts, curtains, quilts, or other items of clothing - anything with a great print or design that you want to keep and repurpose into a new garment
  • Restaurant attire, uniforms, tableware, and accessories
  • Small-scale production

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Custom Bags, Clutches & Totes

Personalize your wardrobe with a custom bag to add more variety, pair with garments or other accessories, serve a specific purpose, and is designed just for you.

Custom Designed Fabric

With most custom projects you have the option of using custom fabric to get any design you want. Learn More

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